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I am photographer based in Prague and you may know me from automotive photography. I have learnt to photograph because I wanted to capture greatest moments of my life. Having a good time with my friends, traveling all around the world, or just doing what I like, everything is a great opportunity to create a memory.

I have started to photograph since I was fifteen. It used to be a my hobby, but everything changed in 2012. I was asked to work for Faster magazine as a main the exclusive photographer. I did not hesitate and had a chance to get an exceptional experience in automotive photography. Today I am also photographing for several well-known companies not only in automobile industry. But cars are still my biggest passion! Some of them are like a piece of art and there are no limits photographing them. I adore capturing their beauty and exception.

On this webpage, you may see some of my greatest shots and also visit my blog, where I share my amazing experiences with cars.